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(Ottawa, ON, Canada)

Singer, Songwriter, Producer & Musician

"Stephanie Caprara is the greatest singer I've ever had the pleasure to work with. I've worked with her on several occasions and have come to greatly admire her talents as a true artist, singer and songwriter. She's a pop star to me, a teacher, a dreamer and continues to inspire many people including myself.

Stephanie is a perfectionist of a musician with sharp business and marketing instincts, incredible curly hair, a witty sense of humour and she's as loyal as they get when it comes to friends.

Her tone of voice is a beautiful sight for my synesthetic sense of perception and it's a sound that deserves to be heard by every pair of ears."


(Montreal, QC, Canada)

Songwriter, Arranger, Producer,

"What a joy to have worked with Stephanie on her latest single! Professional, efficient, fun and a voice to die for!"

CAROLYN THOMPSON (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Singer, TEDx Talks Speaker, Voice & Performance Coach

"Stephanie is a beautiful singer. I had the pleasure of having her join my band on stage and her vocal talents had everyone melting in their seats. What a powerhouse! It is an honour and a privilege to know such an amazing vocalist."


(Montreal, QC, Canada)

Award Winning Producer, Engineer

"Stephanie Caprara is an exceptional singer and performer. She feels totally comfortable in a vast array of genres, from jazz to pop to RnB.

A pleasure to work with in a recording studio. I have always gotten outstanding results.

Top notch skills!"


(Manhattan, NY, USA)

Producer, Engineer, Singer, Songwriter

"Stephanie is an amazing vocalist and performer. The amount of control and use of dynamic range she has, truly shows the amount of work and years of mastery she has as a singer.
Her understanding of tone also makes her a dream to work with for any producer or engineer. Superb vocalist, superb artist and overall a great human being."

(Cranford, NJ, USA)

Vocalist, Producer, Entertainer

"I'm a full time entertainer. Back in 2008 I received a phone call as a result of an internet inquiry from a young lady asking me to hire her as a part of my band. The stars must have been aligned on that fateful day, because I was in need of a vocalist for an upcoming date and after vetting the caller, I hired Stephanie Caprara and met her for the first time on my gig. Before she even sang her first song, her stunning appearance and professional manner prompted me to get the gig going as soon as possible because I couldn't wait to see what this girl can do...and boy, did she deliver! Since then, Stephanie and I have collaborated on many performances and I always look forward to the opportunity to work with her again."

Anthony DP Mann.jpeg

(Kingston, ON, Canada)

Actor, President of Bleak December Inc.

"I have had the good fortune and pleasure to know and work with Stephanie Caprara for many years, and have also had the joy of watching her grow as both an accomplished vocalist and teacher. Her stalwart professionalism, her unmistakable talent, her ease and generosity with her audiences...all combine to create a musical powerhouse whose skills never cease to amaze. I anticipate queues around the block."


(Toronto, ON, Canada)
(London, United Kingdom)

Pro Bass Player

"Amazing singer, who sings with a true heart of Soul. A true Canadian artist who is worthy of the world stage."

(Montreal, QC, Canada)

Singer, Voice Teacher

"Stephanie Caprara is an exceptional vocalist and performer. Having studied the art of voice and all its depths, she has honed her craft to achieve mastery in vocal technique, range, and control. 
Aside from her elegant and refined vocal ability, she is capable of singing and performing various styles of music in four different languages. 
Her performance and entertainment skills reflect true professionalism born from her dedication and passion for the art of singing and music. 
As a result, a talented, witty, intelligent female exuding beauty and charisma graces the stage and the canvas of her original recordings."


(Montreal, QC, Canada)
Voice Student

"Stephanie Caprara is a very talented vocalist as well as a passionate performer. She has taught me a lot during the years of training I have had with her! Not only was she able to pass on to me her knowledge of singing but also, she was able to open my eyes to a different perspective. Her perky and motivational personality pushed me to try my best and to push myself into things I was afraid of doing before with my voice. She is a remarkable teacher, truly a gem!"

(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Voice Student

"Stephanie is very knowledgeable about pop singing and was able to explain concepts in simple and consistent ways for me. She was able to improve my range and my support in the three months or so I trained with her. Additionally, despite the fact that the lessons were over Zoom / FaceTime, she had the ability to tell instantly if someone is off pitch or singing from the incorrect placement. She was also emotionally supportive as a teacher, and was there to provide guidance on how to manage doubt and how to remain optimistic as a singer and musician."

(Queens, NY, USA)

Piano Student

"Learning how to play the piano has been a lifelong dream I never had the chance to pursue in my youth. The pandemic gave me the incentive to take online lessons and I was lucky enough to find Stephanie. She made it easy and enjoyable. She showed me how to read music during the first lesson and explained it in a way that was simple for me, a beginner to understand. Stephanie is an excellent teacher and a kind person."

(Palm Beach, FL, USA)

Ukulele & Voice Student

"I discovered Stephanie and her beautiful voice on YouTube. She made it easy for me to learn the ukulele and be able to accompany myself while I sing. My voice has improved tremendously, including my range. Stephanie's knowledge of vocal technique is quite impressive."

(Ottawa, ON, Canada)

Voice Student

"Stephanie is an amazing teacher! She has helped me become a better singer and strengthened my voice. She's very fun and I always look forward to our lessons."



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