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Over the years I have had a lot of training, experience and have met and learned from many people in the business and other artists like myself. I tend to find inspiration in different ways and through many forms. I am a people person and I thrive through the connections I make, as well as bringing joy to others with my music and voice.

I have traveled to many places, performed on many stages, recorded in many studios and sang various styles of music in four different languages. To say that singing is my greatest passion, would be an understatement. It is essentially the air I breathe, and what keeps me alive. Being on stage, telling stories through my music, and entertaining a crowd has always been a euphoric experience for me. I use it as a form of release, peace and something that truly allowed me to really come out of my shell growing up. My mission was always clear to me ever since I was a child. Any melody I'd hear would mesmerize me and transport me to a wonderful dreamland. The first time I got on stage to sing with a band was when I was 8 years old on a family vacation in beautiful Jamaica. The band members and my parents were completely blown away, and although I was a terribly shy child, holding that mic and just belting my little heart out came natural to me. I had no fear in that very moment, but once off stage I went back to being that shy, quiet little girl who often spent hours alone dreaming and soaring through my own vivid imagination. Quite frankly, I adore singing and I want to spread my knowledge and share my talent with the world! Music has changed my life and shaped me into the person I am today. Allow me to inspire you and teach you about your voice and all the amazing things it can do!

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